Rio’s @ #2

Yesterday I spent ages trying to look up info on keys and the Madeleine McCann case.  This type of search is not simple because “key” is hardly a distinguishing word and “Madeleine McCann” trawls through the universe.

I hit a forum that I had not used before.  Nothing new there.  The forum does not appear to have anything useful to say on the keys.  Again, nothing new.

The forum happens to be virulently pro-McCann.  In doing so, it happens to be virulently anti-Luz.

I read posts to the effect that being painted as a crime-ridden, drug-ridden, paedophile capital of the world, where everyone Scotland Yard wants to talk to is both evil and ugly or smelly is good advertising for Luz, and that we should welcome more fingertip searches.

One person appears to own a holiday property in Luz, but vowed to never spend another penny here, preferring to put money into Lagos instead.

Here is the reality.  It is Rio’s @ #2.

This is a small mom and pop business that started about 18 months ago in Luz, taking on the premises that are in the Madeleine McCann files as Panini’s.  (The vagrant busker who gets a mention in the PJ files and Kate’s book “Madeleine” would sometimes lunch in Panini’s.)

The lady who ran Panini’s was finding it was too much for her, so she let the business out, and it became Rio’s @ #2.  A lot of money later, a huge amount of effort and a large input of business acumen later and guess what?  It was losing money.

Meanwhile, the reports of crimes, drugs and paedophiles in Luz increased dramatically.

Rio’s @ #2 (so called because it was at #2 Rua Direita, Luz) was forced to move.  There was no choice.  That property has ‘reverted´ to Panini’s, though the reality is that it is sitting empty, just like many other businesses from Madeleine’s day.

Rio’s @ #2 moved to another vacant property.  As a business, it retained the title of Rio’s @ #2, though it is actually situated at #3 Rua Primeira De Maio.  This is what was in Madeleine’s day the Cave Bar.  That is, before it became Jake’s.  Then it became Rio’s @ #2.

More investment followed, a lot of it.  More sweat and toil followed, and I mean that literally.  Getting the place set up was a monumental effort.

The new Rio’s @ #2 had a really tough start to life.  The holiday season was not kind.  It followed on from last October’s Crimewatch and this years stories about digging up Luz.  Think burglaries, drugs, evil and ugly men, and paedophile abductors and you have roughly the right mix.

Now to this base kindly add the hard-hearted citizens of Luz, who after 7+ years of crank stories about Luz, are more than a little weary of crackpot theories about what happened that night.

Scotland Yard could have saved a vast amount of money, effort, time, and frankly, face, by not fingertip searching central Luz.  A quick query as to how easy it is to dig a large hole in a built-up area of central Luz would have got a simple answer- digging a grave on the Algarve is really tough work and a mini-JCB is the preferred solution.  That’s how they dig graves in the Luz graveyard.

Was Smithman carrying a mini-JCB?  Was he carrying any sort of digging tool?  Did he know about some sort of pre-existing body concealment place that not another soul in Luz thought of?

So Rio’s @  #2 had a poor high season.  This is not Madeleine v Rio’s @ #2.

If there are credible leads in Madeleine’s case, they should be followed up.  A key word here, for me, is credible.

Concealment of a dead body on open ground in the centre of Luz is possible, as many a case attests.  But finding the evidence 7 years on is stretching credibility beyond breaking point.  And when you do fingertip searches with this level of evidence, credibility vanishes.

Back to Rio’s @ #2. The one that is @ #3.

It has managed to build up a reputation as a place for simple but tasty, inexpensive food.  It has managed to work out a formula for fun and entertainment that is starting to pay dividends.  Oddly enough, the quiet season of winter is looking like an opportunity.

Can I let you in on a secret?  Who is Rio?  It can’t be mom, but is it pop?  Or is it totally fictional name?

Rio very definitely exists.  He is not pop.  He does not work in Rio’s @ #2.  Perhaps one day he will.  Perhaps one day he will own it and other folks will work for him.

Today, 15 Nov 2014, Rio is precisely 4 years old.  Happy birthday Rio!

He does not live in a crime-ridden, drug-ridden, paedophile capital of Europe.  He is safe and secure, and has lots of fun.

What is the very biggest challenge today?  Rio wants strawberry cake for his birthday.  Birthday cakes and the Algarve don’t go.

Will he get a strawberry cake?  Or will it be chocolate?

Rio’s @ #2?  Rio’s @ #3?  Or Rio @ 4?


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