Madeleine – body disposal or concealment

Body Disposal or Concealment

If the McCanns are involved in body disposal or concealment, then they had around 5½ days in Luz to come up with a solution. If Kate found Madeleine dead around 10pm on 3rd May, then she had just minutes to figure out how to dispose of the body or how to conceal it so well that it would not be found in extensive searches.

One day I was been lunching on the terrace of the Paraíso restaurant. That is the one on the beach visited by the friends of the McCanns on 3rd May 2007. I overheard a typical comment from a newly arrived tourist. They look around at the beach, the sea, the cliffs, the rocks and the undeveloped land surrounding Luz and beam as they come to an easy conclusion. “You can see straight away how easy it would be to get rid of a body here.”

Despite the fact that extensive searches were conducted by the good people of Luz, the GNR, and then by a unit from Britain, they are still convinced that dumping a body would be easy.

Technically, the McCanns can be considered to have had more than 5½ days. Gerry had been on a golfing holiday in Portugal before, and the family had several Mediterranean trips, including Spain, Italy and Greece.

However, the minimum standard of expertise, in my opinion, has to be set higher, at Gonçalo Amaral’s level. He is Portuguese, with 26 years in the PJ and extensive experience of major crime, and according to his book, had lived in Portimão for at least a year before the incident. A later section of the book suggests a family home in the Algarve also.

This is a much higher level of experience and expertise than a tourist or the McCanns. And yet, the weak point in Gonçalo Amaral’s theory that the McCanns were involved in body disposal or concealment is simple. He cannot come up with a convincing method of dumping or hiding a body.

The book alludes to a number of possibilities, without actually making a proper case for any.

Here is his list of possibilities.

A grave dug into the hard soil of the Algarve (without any explanation as to how such a grave might have been dug).

Ruins of a Roman thermal bath, with numerous tunnels dug under the streets of Luz. These tunnels supposedly have been used by the children of Luz for over 50 years to get to the beach.

Dustbins, containers and sewers. In his book, Gonçalo Amaral arranges the order of events so searches of these are carried out before the first interviews of the Tapas 9. Things did not happen in that order.

In the main street of Luz, open trenches due to improvement works.

The title of chapter 8 of Gonçalo Amaral´s book is translated as A Man Carrying A Child On The Way To The Beach. This chapter is about the Smith sighting. Apart from the chapter title, there is no mention of a beach, so I’ll need to see if I can get at the original Portuguese. Whether this is the origin of the ‘to the beach’ theories is something that I don’t know.

In chapter 14, a South Africa called Krugel brings a magic machine to the Algarve, does some rudimentary sightings, and declares a large swathe of Luz is where Madeleine rests. He goes back to South Africa. Another GNR search of Luz finds nothing.

Mark Harrison arrives from Britain and concludes it is time to focus on finding a dead child. Further searches around Luz are conducted with sniffer dogs.

This completes the list of possibilities in A Verdade Da Mentira. Outside of his book, Gonçalo Amaral adds at least one more possibility, namely that the body was stored in a freezer before being retrieved by the McCanns and placed in the luggage compartment of a car they hired weeks after Madeleine went missing.

And basically, this is it. The investigation coordinator, a detective with great experience and thoroughly knowledgeable about the Algarve, is struggling to find a method of body disposal, let alone body concealment.


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  1. Well, none of that adds up at all. There is so much logic against any of these hypotheses, that they surely must shrink back to insignificance when considering the case. You’re going for objectivity, and that’s the best approach. Any investigation, including your own one, needs to consider the possibility that the parents and/or T7 were involved in concealment of a dead child, sale of a live child or murder of same. I really think you can fly through those ruling them out fairly quickly.

    The problem is the vast majority of opinion online is written by the lunatic fringe – they’ve got it in for the McCanns for a few reasons, which I can explain if you’re curious – and then they seek to fit incriminating evidence against that. Amaral took that approach himself.

    You’re now looking at KM discovering a dead child in 5A, and covering it up. If she finds a child at 2200, I don’t agree that she has had 5 and a half days to plan a deposition, because in that scenario she wasn’t looking around thinking ‘where could somebody hide a child’s corpse?’, because, rather obviously, said child was alive and well.

    So just in that hypothesis, you have KM finding her dead daughter, and not using her medical expertise to try and revive her… nor calling to a nearby table full of doctors who are her friends to see if they could help, but instead thinking ‘ah shite, I could be in trouble here… best stash the corpse of my beloved child in some rubbish bin, open the shutters and cry wolf on an abduction.’

    Look at that from a human perspective, and you can clearly see that simply did not happen.

    For that theory to have any legs at all, you must have the child dying before that point. So, on that evening some time? KM and GM find their eldest child dead, then stroll out for a pleasant meal without letting on? Make chit-chat with friends and staff… all the while planning the abduction ruse having binned their dead child? Nope. That doesn’t fly either.

    Put her death back a day or two, and there is then time for all of the above scheming. But then you have endless witnesses who saw MBM alive and well right up to that evening… so mega conspiracy involving MW staff helping a couple cover up a dead child? Emmm… no.

    None of these conspiracy theories hold water when examined even superficially.

    • A lot of what has been written on-line is indeed conveniently overlooking the evidence.

      You are also correct in that who saw Madeleine ‘last’ and when this or these sightings occurred dramatically cuts through a wide swathe of fantasy theories.

      However, Amaral is widely supported in Portugal, and simple theories like ‘into-the-wheelie-bins’ hold wide sway. (Your Dispatches C4 programme also came up with that.) The wheelie-bin solution appears to be popular in Luz. I’ll get around to why it is unlikely in another post.

      So why did I mention 5 1/2 days? Amaral never worked out a reasonable scenario in which the McCanns could hide a body during the initial searches, retrieve the body, then dispose of the body permanently. This is the challenge introduced by ‘the dogs of death’. I think I can solve this problem. I am NOT saying it happened that way, just that I can think of one potential way.

      5 1/2 days was the time the McCanns had to assess the patch known as Luz, and come up with a solution that beats ‘the dogs of death’. As it happens, it took me about 3 months on-site in Luz to work out my potential solution. So even if the McCanns actively worked on this issue, then in comparison Amaral never solved it, and the McCanns did it about 3 months faster than I did.

      However, since Dispatches raised some of these as a real possibility, as Amaral also did, as Luz currently thinks of at least one of these as the easy solution, I surely have to cover them off.

      Decisions, decisions. Do I now work on the issues with the wheelie bin disposal method or do I focus on establishing the time frame between the last independent sightings and Kate raising the alarm? Tough choice!

      PS Should you ever come out to Luz please let me know. I’ll be happy to share a drink and a chat. But please be aware the natives are hostile, so you may need fireproof underwear, the kind F1 drivers use, or full body armour, or probably both.

  2. That’s a very kind offer- thanks. The natives are unfriendly to whom? Tourists generally, or people mentioning the case?

    I’ve been having another look at the Smith sighting. Found this – have a look and read to the end. The last bit puzzles me.

    ‘”The testimony of one of the members of the Smith family that identified Gerry McCann as being the man he saw on the night that Maddie disappeared, carrying a child in his arms as he walked towards the beach was devalued after I left the case. It is a lie that the e-fit that the British police now made public is based on the Smith family’s witness statement.”

    The statements are from Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ coordinator who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, to Correio da Manhã. They appear following the publication of e-fits by the Scotland Yard that point one of the drawings out as being that of the main suspect over the presumed abduction of the English child, on the 3rd of May of 2007 – which they say was based on the testimony of an Irish family that was on holiday in Praia da Luz when Maddie disappeared.

    “The Smith family told us what they saw that night. A man, a foreigner, of athletic build, a sunburned face, like those of tourists, who was hiding his face in order not to be seen, carrying a blonde child in his arms,” Gonçalo Amaral said. “A short time later, when the McCann family ‘fled’ to the United Kingdom, and were welcomed by the television at the airport, a member of the Smith family called us, very upset. Gerry [Maddie’s father], who was leaving the plane, was the man that Mr Smith had seen carrying a child that night,” the former coordinator explained.

    For Gonçalo Amaral, “there was a positive identification, which was set aside”. “The McCann’s hired detectives who made a portrait, a man that resembled Gerry, in order to devalue the deposition,” he concluded.’

    What is Amaral suggesting there? That for some very subtle reason indeed the McCanns got their PIs to make the sketches resemble GM in order to throw the PJ off the scent and compromise a trial?

    Very odd indeed, if that’s the case, considering his grubby book depends on ‘Smithman’ being GM. He seems to change his mind rather frequently. What did he do with all those profits from sales within Portugal? Seems not very humane to cash in on a tragedy for personal gain, no matter what he concluded.

    Don’t forget, he told Murat he was going to nail him to the wall. Once he was dismissed for ordering the torture of Cipriano and concealing evidence, he blamed the McCanns for his ruined reputation and was on a personal vendetta. He must have made a pretty penny. Whaddaguy.

    But IF ‘Smithman’ is the kidnapper, then certain scenarios are more likely.

    Firstly, the one I don’t think happened, as in Amaral’s hypothesis. Grange stressed they ruled it out, as GM was placed at the OC. I don’t really see how that is so, as the only people putting him back at the table are the T7 and KM after he spoke to JW. If they were covering up for him, as per Amaral’s conspiracy, then you need other witnesses. And from what I gathered of the waiting staff, they weren’t paying a massive amount of attention. They said they saw comings and goings, but it’s very vague. If I were investigating, I’d have to start with the parents and rule them out- and in the ‘Smithman’ case, step one would be making certain that was not GM. OG say they did that, but no specifics are given. Does one trust them? I’d say: yes. Can’t see a mega-cover-up-white-wash bonanza at all… As that’s step 1, they must have done it to their satisfaction.

    Then, you’re left with ‘Smithman’, if the kidnapper, implying:

    a) suspect was local, at least at the time
    b) had a knowledge of the layout of the town, as he took a secluded and unlit route
    c) is then more likely to have been acting alone (maybe receiving phone tip-offs still being possible, as per current investigation, maybe not)
    d) is less likely to have been acting in an organised group planning a kidnapping
    e) likely did not own a car or have access to a vehicle
    f) is less likely to have planned the kidnapping meticulously
    g) is far more likely to be deranged
    h) knew where he was going

    On that last point, OG seemed to throw up the possibility of another sighting of ‘Smithman’. The Smiths didn’t know which way he went at the junction. I googlemapped this a while ago… turning right would have brought him past one locale, main street and well lit… left same… I thought he probably went down the steps and then right up towards that mound the police inexplicably searched for ages. But that man, if he were the kidnapper, knew exactly where he was off to, IMHO. OG hinted at a separate sighting seeing him taking the child into a business in the area. And then that info seemed to fade.

    Side-track or main-route here: turning left at that junction led to the flat of one individual who was briefly implicated, and won a small libel pot from the red tops… a fellow who was, IIRC, 23 at the time, but looked easily 35 (poor diet?), and ticked all the other boxes for ‘Smithman’. Thoughts?

    • There’s a few things mixed in here.

      If Smithman turned left he was very near Sergey Malinka’s parents flat, not Robert Murat’s mother villa. Murat got the damages after ‘reports’ of paedophilia, a secret dungeon, a propensity for torturing animals etc., and thoroughly deserved it as the evidence would not come near to passing in a court of law. Malinka was made an arguido recently so SY could interview him, and quickly had that status removed.

      Two e-fits of Smithman were made by McCann detectives, probably well before the files were released, thus not actually based on the Smith statements. It is highly like that one, the tanned one, was by Peter Smith, and the other one, the Gerry look-a-like by Martin Smith, who by that time had become convinced the man was a good fit for Gerry. Later, when it became clear that the Tapas group was placing Gerry at the table, Martin Smith accepted that he had not seen Gerry.

      Whilst everyone says the lighting was poor, the street lights are spaced something like 20m apart in most of Luz and are modern. I have visited the Smith sighting location at around 3AM (one night when I couldn’t sleep). I’d rate visibility at over 100m. (Black and white vision, not colour.) By the way, the Jane Tanner sighting location is equally well lit.

      Amaral’s book does not depend on Smithman being Gerry. He throws in several possibilities, one of which is Smithman. That left him room to manoeuvre. The TV special based on his book was more heavily weighted towards Smithman, which may explain why the McCanns are suing the TV folks as well.

      He was taken off the investigation for comments he made to the media. He resigned (he was not fired) and he claims the book was to clear his name and to progress the case to find Madeleine.

      5 officers in the Cipriano case were found guilty of torture. The convictions of Cipriano’s mother and uncle still stand, I believe. The convictions of the officers were overturned after the torture allegation was found to be false. Amaral received a suspended sentence for perjury i.e. lying to the court. AFAIK, that was not overturned, but I don’t know if it has run out of time or it still stands. The uncle confessed to killing Cipriano, cutting her body into small pieces, putting the remains in a fridge, putting the fridge in a car, and driving to Spain, where the car was crushed and smelted. That’s another case, but the story does not sound believable to me.

      The natives are hostile to the McCanns, and are sick to the back teeth of hearing about the case. Expats split into pro-McCann and anti-McCann. Portuguese are convinced the McCanns should have been put in jail for anything from serious child neglect to much worse.

      • Should definitely take you up on that pint- reams of stuff here! This is again all from memory of what I read about these topics some time ago. Feel free to ask for the sources, and I can try and dig them up.

        I was suggesting the Malinka residence, rather than Murat’s. The former was awarded 100k sterling, along with Murat’s Teutonic significant other of the time, and Murat pocketed the lion’s share: 600k. Deservedly or not, well that’s not for me to say- but somebody winning a libel case against some chip-paper merchant does not mean that any of the above three should be ruled out from the investigation. You go from parents to their friends to reach the prime suspects, if we’re ruling people out or in. Murat was no.1 suspect besides the parents. Malinka is an odd type, as is Murat, and their demeanours certainly caused suspicions to be raised. I would certainly have a good look at both (have done already, actually, and it turns up quite a lot of worrying clues). The police brought him in for questioning, and as you say, he had his status as a suspect toned down, most likely through the threat of legal action. If the police complied it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s been ruled out. He could be completely uninvolved, or the opposite, and they just lack the cards to play. So we don’t know. But I’d recommend have a look at the above people for the sake of your own investigation. There’s quite a lot there.

        Amaral… well, I haven’t read his book, as I didn’t want him spending my 16 euros down the brothel, but I watched the badly translated video. If they differ, fair enough. He levies a fairly specific allegation at the McCanns, so if he leaves open possibilities leading to that conclusion in the book, rather than relying on ‘Smithman’ as he does in the film, that really just illustrates that he hasn’t got a clue, and is covering several bases.

        Not sure why you’d defend such a reprehensible individual, but perhaps you feel he was hard done by. I’d disagree strongly. He claims he resigned, but he’d have known a push were coming. He claims he wrote the book to clear his name (against what?) and progress the case (which he stalled). His real motivation was clearly both vindictive and pecuniary.

        You see, to be candid, he really represents a kind of police chief you find in states that have a very recent history of dictatorship. He’s less a public servant, more an individual who has secured himself a position of power which he intends to use perhaps not incredibly scrupulously. That’s not just Portugal… it’s a bit of a phenomenon. You can find these types in many countries.

        We can’t get too far bogged down in the Cipriano case. But let’s go over the facts. Amaral was found guilty of perjury and concealing documents regarding that trial, and yes, the conviction stands. The accused were incredibly poor Portuguese peasants. The uncle claimed the only difference between them and the McCanns was the McCanns had money. He also claimed his innocence on many occasions from jail. The mother was certainly severely beaten. You’ll have seen the photos. The police claimed she had fallen down the stairs. Bit of a cliché, but clearly they didn’t feel the need to make much of an effort in that lie. She claimed she had been beaten and tortured in order to extract a confession. She’s illiterate, and there was apparently a misunderstanding- they brought the 5 investigating officers for her to identify, and she could not. But it then emerged that she was claiming they brought in heavies in civvies to administer the torture, rather than those assigned police officers doing it themselves.

        Also, it must be noted that the rather elaborate plan of dismemberment, fridges, pigs, and car crushers, tick at will, would require a certain degree of planning, and the uncle anyway was adjudged to have had such a low IQ as to have been an epsilon semi-moron. Not quite a criminal mastermind.

        Now, IDK if those two are innocent or guilty. Maybe they are guilty, and just had a confession beaten out of them as child killers. The mother retracted her confession once she got away from the interrogation room, which would fit her actually being innocent but having feared for her life, along with her horrendous injuries which were obviously not caused by tumbling down some stairs repeatedly. So maybe they are indeed innocent. Whichever way, they don’t have much of a stake in society nor a great amount of intelligence to be able to defend themselves. Either way, the Portuguese police approach, under the orders of one G Amaral, was missing child? Discredit and then blame the parents. First smear was random snippet that they were incestuous. Now, anyone who heard that wouldn’t think they’d flinch at killing a child, if they were so immoral and disgusting, no? Helps the trial along nicely. Now, maybe they were… IDK.

        But there’s a certain similarity to the McCann case, where the Portuguese police approach, under the orders of one G Amaral, was missing child? Discredit and then blame the parents. Remember the rather odd claim made quickly and publicly that the McCanns and the T7 were swingers. Now, that would have the same effect, would it not? Greases the wheels to convict the parents… case closed, tourist season open… no dangerous child snatchers about, folks… don’t worry! Have a sardine. It was her sex-mad kinky parents what done it.

        Except there was certainly no foundation in the McCanns’ case for that smear, and the McCanns were equipped to fight it in ways that the others were not. The methodology is strikingly similar, don’t you think? And that must set alarm bells ringing.

      • You really should pop a few pennies in the piggy bank and get over here for a week during the winter when it is very mild and sunny here. A ground-based Madeleine tour is extremely informative.

        Just to re-iterate, I am not pro-McCann or anti-McCann. I am not pro-Amaral or anti-Amaral. I have just read Joana Morais’ website on the news that the head of the forensic lab in Portugal has resigned or has been forced to resign. I am not pro-Joana or anti-Joana – I simply find her a very useful way to find out what is happening in Portuguese media.

        Equally, I am neither for or against Gonçalo Amaral. His core view – accident in the apartment which the McCanns covered up – is the same as the PJ report that closed the second investigation (the one AFTER Amaral). Where Amaral struggles is in coming up with a HOW. How did the McCanns get a solution so quickly (when I could not) and frankly, he has not yet? At least, nothing convincing.

        Further, I am not pro-Kate or anti-Kate. I like her book, just as I like Joana’s blog, just as I like Amaral’s book, just as I like the most popular site I have found for the swinging theory. They all provide challenges. I have to say I find all of them to be jolly romps that do not worry too much about the evidence, but they all make me work harder to try to think about what exactly did and did not happen. Stupid ideas but I have to stop and think, did it really happen that way?

        Gonçalo Amaral’s book is available on-line for free and it is about one-tenth the size of Kate’s book, so you can get through it much more quickly.

        As I have said I consider both books to be jolly romps that are full of errors when both should have been capable of doing better. But in the Madeleine case have the facts ever got in the way of a good story?

        I will pass on a discussion about the Cipriano case. I suspect it is probably about the same size as the Madeleine McCann case, and I only have one life and that only gives me 24 hours in a day. Ditto the Ben Needham case. Ditto the Casa Pia scandal.

      • The Needham tragedy is largely irrelevant when discussing this case. The Casa Pia sadly shows corruption in Portugal in relation to systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable children that runs from the police, to politicians and right through the judiciary and all the way to the top. That is relevant to the McCann case. The Cipriano tragedy demonstrates corrupt policing in action, and was presided over by G Amaral, so clearly is directly relevant to the McCann case.

        I don’t intend to sway the discussion away from your focus on MBM, but you can hardly quote Amaral left-right-and-centre, but avoid the Cipriano case, which did for him and his career. Leave aside innocence or guilty of the uncle and mother- what is beyond reasonable doubt is that Leonor Cipriano was severely beaten in an investigation where G Amaral was calling the shots. Not being literate or very bright, I’d put it beyond her to invent being made to lie on broken glass ash-trays and flagellated with hose pipes, and falling down the stairs does not result in two black eyes. Her injuries (pictured below) are entirely consistent with what she claims happened to her. Amaral ordered such a beating, logically, and then covered it up.

        If that’s a given, it demonstrates massive corruption within the Portuguese police, and very unhealthy practices indeed. It also shows their MO when it comes to missing children. Innocent or guilty, it shows the focus of the police in these cases is to stop at nothing to make them go away.

        And regarding G Amaral’s character – let’s just say it’s not a shining reference for his moral candour.

        Please see the two pictures herein:

        Did that happen when she fell down the stairs?

      • The Cipriano case is one that would take up my life, I expect, if I decided to dig into it.

        However, I don’t happen to live where the Cipriano case happened. By absolute fluke, I happen to reside where Madeleine McCann disappeared.

        Take a globe of the world. Throw a dart into it. Go and rent a villa there. The funny thing is, it was not me who threw the dart. It was thrown by someone (who like me) was 100% ignorant of Luz and Madeleine.

        Roughly speaking, we ended up here by on purpose but by mistake.

      • Amaral was removed and what constitutes a fresh, second investigation was conducted by the Portuguese. It was only after the second investigation that the PJ files were released. It was only the second one that got the bar receipts from Kelly’s (and I think the receipt from the Dolphin).

        So you have files that have been Amaral de-contaminated. His book is fun, just as Kate’s is, but I place more trust in the PJ files because of their legal status.

  3. In fact who saw MMC on the Thursday ? Neither Fiona nor Jane, who were at the beach spotting the sailing activities, saw her on the catamaran for the first time of her life. Neither did her mum who was cleaning a stain on her pyjamas or her dad who was playing tennis. Nobody was capable to say, as usually people do when something happens to somebody, for instance “I had forgotten my sun glasses and left the Tapas resort heading to my flat when I saw Madeleine for the last time. She had just crossed rua Francisco Gentil Martins with her dad, she had a hat on and was talking pointing to something flying, a bird perhaps”.

    • Turn the question around. Who did NOT see Madeleine on Thursday?

      This would have to include – the people who said Madeleine was in the Mini Club twice that day. The sailing guy who took Madeleine out. The other people at High Tea on 3 May 2007, who should have noticed the twins, but thought it was odd that Madeleine was not there. And of course, David Payne.

      I think there is a child-minder on top who says she read Madeleine a story that day?

      So a bucket load of people had to mis-remember, and a bucket-load of people had to lie if Madeleine was not on her normal routine on that Thursday.

      • I don’t think that anybody lied, I just think that days were very much alike and that confusion was easy. You’ll have to admit that it is really weird that Madeleine’s parents didn’t remember whether sailing was on Wedenesday or on Thursday (as they didn’t attend). Would you miss the first time your eldest sails ? Sure the week was short and they needed a break..
        And as you suggest to turn the question around, those didn’t Madeleine that morning : neither Fiona, nor David, nor Jane, nor Russell, the last two watching the catamaran since their own daughter was sailing.

  4. ShininginLuz, please, where have you got that information ? “Later, when it became clear that the Tapas group was placing Gerry at the table, Martin Smith accepted that he had not seen Gerry.”
    I find it strange from MS, he hesitated 3 days and nights before telling his feeling to the Gardai.
    Besides, how would he be influenced by something that was never a secret ? Had GMC been far from the table when the alarm was launched, the TP7 would have notice, isn’t it ?

    I don’t think that either MS and MS, his wife, are the origin of the e-fits, after the feeling they had when watching the return of the MCs to the UK. I believe they knew that that feeling would influence indications to make the e-fit. It could have been Peter and his wife.

    • The PJ Files are clear that when the McCanns returned to England, and the return was shown on the news, Martin Smith thought Gerry was a good fit for Smithman, based on the way Gerry carried one of the twins off the plane.

      His wife thought the same. Other members of the Smith family were not in agreement with this opinion.

      He changed his mind for some reason. You may be correct in that he knew before then that the other members of the Tapas group placed Gerry at the table when the alarm was raised.

      Equally, I do not know who made the e-fits. It just so happens that the e-fits match the statements of Martin and Peter. But I accept it could have been Peter and his wife.

  5. But where and when did he state that he changed his mind ? Do you know ?
    You’ll have to admit that it would be discrediting to adjust a feeling to the presence or not of GMC at the Tapas table !
    Besides MS didn’t say really that it was the way GMC carried his child (a normal way), but that something he didn’t explain boosted his memory (he could but didn’t say it was the deeply sleeping carried child).
    Actually, in his first statement, he says that Smithman didn’t seem comfortable carrying the child. It must have impressed him as he naturally thought he had crossed a father with his daughter. A father clumsily carrying ? Does it exist ?

  6. I have not tracked where/when he went from thinking it was Gerry (probably) to thinking it was not, but at one point he was of the opinion it was Gerry, and at some later point he was of the opinion it was not.

    As far as I am aware, the exchange that occurred when Gerry returned to the UK carrying one of the twins down the steps from the aircraft was the spark that set him (and his wife, but not other members of the Smiths) to the view that Smithman might be Gerry. That was based on the way Gerry carried the child off the plane.

    To be honest, my view of the manner in which Gerry carried the child off the plane was that he was totally normal. I also find it strange that if Madeleine was approaching 4, Gerry had not got used to carrying a young child.

    I would need to look up Martin’s first statement again to be sure, but from memory he said the man he saw looked perfectly normal. I believe references to man looking odd, man zig-zagging, man with head down, man not talking back when spoken to probably came from the media. These may or may not be true, but they are not in the Smith statements.

  7. I thought Martin had made one statement. If he made a second formal statement, I am a bit short.

    We seem to be in Textusa territory here, that Martin made a statement, then once connected by the pro-McCann camp changed his story.

    I have no idea that I can prove as to why Martin Smith changed his tale. I cannot prove when this happened. But as he had solicitor’s letters sent to a number of publications, I can assume that at some point he thought, nope not Gerry, time to move on.

  8. ShininginLuz, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re badly informed concerning the Smith family… Don’t let Textusa put ideas in your head..
    The 3 Smiths (Martin, Peter and Aoife) made statements on May 26 in Portimão. They also showed the PJ where they were when they crossed Smithman. From those statements it appears that Smithman looked like a normal father carrying his daughter, not at all a fishy guy. The only intriguing detail (but the police inspector didn’t ask MS to be more specific) was that it seemed to MS that Smithman wasn’t carrying the child in a comfortable manner.
    4 months and a half after, M and M Smith watched the return of the MC to the UK on TV and they had a feeling that Smithman could be GMC. It was a delicate assertion, so MS meditated for 3 days before going to the Gardai. The Gardai informed the LC and the LC asked them to take a statement. MS did it, it is in the PJFiles and I sent the link to you. In this statement MS says that he has a feeling that Smithman could be GMC, but only 60-80%.
    It has no value in a court of justice, even if MS’s wife had the same feeling.
    BUT at least it indicates that Smithman was, like GMC, average, without characteristics. Fatherlike, not a monster nor a psychopath.

    There’s a rumour (I have to consider it is since MS made no other statement) about MS changing his mind about Smithman (I wonder how he could, frankly, because he never said he recognized features).

  9. Sorry,

    There is an incident of door-stepping which seems to be active at the moment, somewhat hilarious from my point of view, but probably not for the innocent who got door-stepped.

    I deal with everyone openly, once they are prepared to let me know who they are.

    That included 2 people from Panorama, 1 book author, 1 reporter from British media, 3 from Portuguese media.

    What I don’t do is give out my details to someone totally unknown.

    If you want to get in personal touch with me, kindly leave some detail that I can verify.

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