Madeleine v paedophiles #1

Roderick McDonald

I have not had time to perform a proper investigation on the following media report, so please treat my words with some caution.

Roderick McDonald is portrayed as a convicted paedophile, who may have been in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, who was deported in 2010 to Australia, fled to Thailand and was convicted of offences occurring in Brighton, before fleeing to Malta. (I think that is how it goes.) He is now to be extradited to the UK.

The Daily Mirror report is at

Note the headline says ‘believed to have been in Portugal’. He seems to have raped a girl aged 8 and got a plea-deal of 6 months (what?) before being deported to Australia (why Australia?). Trying to dig through the report, I can see nothing that suggests he had a record before 2010.

In March 2014, the Daily Mirror’s paedophile focus was on David Reid, who apparently was convicted of offences in Northern Ireland before ‘fleeing’ to Portugal (later changed to moving before the paedophile register was set up). David Reid was reported as living in Carvoeiro, around 30 miles from Luz, at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, and it seems he was dead at the time the article was written.

I have not examined the paedophile angle in any great detail yet. However, I have looked a pamalam’s “missing records” section and the main reason, by far and away, that documents were not released to the public by the PJ was purported links to paedophilia.

The explanation for not releasing this was that these links had been investigated and had been found not to be related to the Madeleine McCann case.

Whether you accept or dispute this explanation is for you to determine. Here is what the known evidence suggests.

First, the number of pages excluded from publication re paedophilia, according to pamalam’s inventory, is large. It is not a tiny fragment of the files.

Second, the document titles suggest that most of the missing documents are lists of paedophile suspects, i.e. names and addresses, as opposed to interviews or diligence conducted that excludes them from consideration. If this is correct, the number of paedophiles under consideration is large. And if so, this could turn into an endless stream of Madeleine-snatched-by paedophile stories, whether any has a grain of truth or not.

Third, it has to be hoped that Scotland Yard has access to uncensored files i.e. the full files that the Portuguese police were working with. Only then will they know whether a particular person was on the list or was not. Only then will they know whether the reason for exclusion makes some sort of sense, or whether they have to repeat this exercise in a painstaking manner.

To reiterate, I have not considered the paedophile angle in any great detail so far, therefore my conclusions are initial and subject to revision.


13 thoughts on “Madeleine v paedophiles #1

  1. Hi Elca,

    Why such ludicrous sentences? No idea. It’s sickening. Why Australia? He was extradited on an international warrant.

    ‘”McDondald”/Robinson, of Aldershot, Hants, was reportedly deported from Portugal to Australia in 2010 accused of raping an eight-year-old girl.

    The incident happened in 1989 and while on bail he fled to New Zealand until an international arrest warrant saw him arrested in a campsite in the Algarve in 2010.’

    6 months he served in Australia. No words. Next stop NZ, where he was arrested again on another charge, and he managed to skip the country on a fake passport.

    Then off to Thailand, of course. But the Thais cottoned to his past, and deported him to England, where he was put on the Child Sex Offenders’ Register, but that didn’t stop him from raping two children of 5 and 7, sisters, on a yacht in Brighton. Nor did it stop him changing his name and skipping out of the UK.

    ‘He fled abroad prior to his sentence and was handed a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years in his absence.’ Yes… you read that right… suspended sentence… A couple of links.

    I really want to discuss those missing files with you, but must run now. All the best.

    • 1989 makes my first offence date of 2010 quite wrong, so he should have been on a warning list for the investigation.

      Any idea of which campsite in the Algarve? There are 2 just outside Luz, but there are probably thousands in the Algarve as campsites are popular here.

      If the reported crimes and reported sentences match up I’m wondering who should be shot first.

      • P.S.

        ‘The British citizen was arrested at an Olhão campsite, where he had been staying for two months’ – See more at:

        BTW, as it stands, there is a long line of incompetents that should be shot. Those sentences are disgusting. The lack of monitoring is unforgiveable. I’d be all for chemical castration for monsters like him… as painful as possible. Then an adequate sentence somewhere where the other prisoners are free to attack him. Even throw in a dose of torture and an execution for good measure. 6 months and a suspended sentence. Heads should roll.

      • I have lived in Olhão for about 3 months solid, plus many a visit. I LOVE it.

        The problem with it in relation to Madeleine is simply this. It’s around an hour and a half from Olhão to Luz.

        You have to come up with reason why a predator managed to stalk out his prey so far from his home turf.

        Thank you for the link!

      • You’re welcome. That’s a coincidence… blimey. I’m sure it’s a very beautiful place.

        Re: the arrest… if said individual was found in a camp site, then it suggests a certain amount of mobility. Also, if he was arrested there in 2010, who is to say where he was based in 2007? Thirdly, if you’re talking about him being involved with an organised group, he doesn’t need to be at the scene of the crime in any case. Finally, the 18 break-ins by the lone paedophile from 2004 to 2010 are right up and down that coast… 70-mile radius, IIRC.

      • Most of the points you are making are correct. My difficulty is that at the moment, no one is saying where he was in 2007, whether he had access to a car or not, whether he was involved with an organised group or not. Based on a lack of evidence, 2 months in Olhão in 2010 won’t put him in the dock. Olhão is east of Faro, there are no reports of attacks on that side of the Algarve, only in locations a considerable way west of Faro.

        A snatch operation appears to require considerable local knowledge of the area and the Tapas 9 routines, since apartment 5A was not broken in to and nothing else was taken.

    • Quite right, but whoever committed those attacks was, I would think, resident there…and mobility would seem likely, i.e. a vehicle. It’s not necessarily the case, as you say, that Robinson is that paedophile. Actually, from what I read about the descriptions, I’d think even perhaps not very likely. What I would think likely is that wherever Robinson was, he was actively abusing children. Same with Reid, and their ilk. And I do think it likely these people are/were in contact.

      But the description is a issue- it does not seem to fit. Also, a key witness is the mother who reported the fake charity collector who had entered her apartment while she was in it. That seems an active scam going on all around at the time- it suggests perhaps more than one individual, and perhaps a reconnaissance ruse. She placed him as North-African… her sketch absolutely showed a very Moroccan face. Reid mentioned gipsy gangs… Could she have been wrong, could he have been Rom?

      So many lines of investigation… this tragic case is seemingly endless.

      • If there was a paedophile ring in contact, I do not have evidence as this is a LONG way up the road from where I am now.

        First news story on BBC1 today – 5,000 paedophiles in Britain therefore Scotland Yard has to focus on those on who are the producers, not the consumers.

        Fake charity collectors. AFAIK, this is a scam. People are approached with a tale of the orphanage in Espiche (just outside Luz). AFAIK, there is no orphanage in Espiche. AFAIK, collecting for charities in this way may be illegal in Portugal.

        I have been approached by 4 charity collectors seeking donations for the orphanage in Espiche. I have seen another report of someone encountering this within the last week. Take your pick.

      • Well now, Elça… that is intriguing. Do you consider it a simple scam? Have you read the statements regarding bogus charity collectors? And did you read the recent story on such I mentioned above? And have you seen the corresponding 3/4 photo-fits?

        And then, might I be so bold as to ask, as you would be someone who would know (as opposed to some of the witnesses of 2007, I mean)… were the 4 people who asked you to donate Portuguese? Were they Rom? Were they North African? What language did they approach you speaking? Was there a noticeable accent?

      • I have seen a total of 6 charity collectors, 5 of whom approached me in central Luz, 1 of whom was talking to a friend. On one occasion two people approached me at once, so it is 4 occasions with 5 people to be strictly accurate.

        The people all sounded and looked like Portuguese, but frankly, it is hard to tell here. I have had people carry out repairs (oddly enough on wonky shutters) that I thought were Portuguese until one told me in decent English with a foreign accent that he was Russian. I should have picked up on the “da” and “niet” but I missed that.

        One collector spoke only Portuguese with no English. Four spoke fairly good English with a marked accent that sounded like Jose Mourinho.

        I doubt any of them is involved in anything other than what might be a simple scam. If I had abducted Madeleine in 2007 whilst posing as a charity collector, I would not be charity collecting in Luz some years later.

  2. Here’s what I wanted to ask you about… these missing files are potentially crucial. I really knew nothing about them, so thanks for bringing them up.

    You say the PJ released all but these, and they are extensive, because they had to do with paedophilia but had been shown to have nothing to do with the McCann case?

    Now, forgive me if I overstep the mark here, as I’m talking about somewhere you call home. But what can one conclude from this omission?

    Once again, I’m afraid I’d see protection of the tourist industry as a main motivational factor for the Portuguese police. It’s Portugal’s main industry, and the vast majority of tourists come from the British Isles.

    Now, here’s the disturbing part: if the files are many and hidden from the public, it suggests a lot of paedophile activity in the area. You then have, for example, the 18 break-ins and dozen sexual assaults by most likely one predatory paedophile that was successfully kept very quiet until last October. You mentioned David Reid above. The focus is now on Robinson. There have been a fair few other names of monsters lurking in and around the area, and you could make quite a list.

    So, horrifically, I’d suspect that all these paedophiles gathering in one area is perhaps not a coincidence. And reports suggest police wish to quiz Robinson about a ‘paedophile ring’, which had been mentioned before. Reid could have been mad or taunting, but he did claim to have seen Madeleine twice after her abduction.

    These monsters have used the internet since it was available to organise themselves, as other cases show. I really don’t think all those creeps just happened to descend on the Algarve for its natural beauty and rich culture.

    What do you think?

    • The files were not released on the basis that
      1) the individuals were checked and were not connected to the crime
      2) to report them as paedophiles could infringe their rights in Portugal. For this point, the law is broadly similar in Portugal and the UK. At the moment, there is a major hoo-hah underway in Portugal as one group want people with kids under 16 to be able to check if there are convicted paedophiles in the area, whilst others are saying this would revert to the days of vigilantes and stoning.

      I will only address point 1, on the basis that I can already make a case for paedophilia being common no matter which country you live in.

      The files give no more information, AFAIK, than “the individuals were checked and were not connected to the crime”. Hence, it would be nice if Scotland Yard was running a second ruler over this.

      Please note, while checking some points on this, it appears that today’s big paedophile story is that Brazil managed to bust a ring of paedos on the ‘Dark Internet’. And yes, in addition to Brazil, the US, and the UK, there are suspects in Portugal.

      For the record, I feel more safe here than I did in England. I have a grandchild who is now coming up to Madeleine’s age, and who is truly stunning. If I thought my grandchild was unsafe he would be back to England in a heartbeat.

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