Human blood near Quinta Dos Figos, Luz

On 6th May 2007 at 6pm, potential blood stains were analysed on a pavement and wall outside a villa in Luz called Quinta Dos Figos. Who found them and when they were first found is not stated. (pages 1810-1816 Please note, it appears to be a convention that maps show north at the bottom and south at the top.)

A first test proved that the stains were blood and a second test proved that the blood was human.

There were two smallish spots of blood on the pavement, and a third larger stain on the wall surrounding the villa’s plot.

This site is about 550m from apartment 5A, and of that distance, around 470m is a steep uphill walk on Rua Primeira De Maio, one of the busiest roads in Luz.

A swab was taken for each of the three locations and bagged up. Page 1817 shows the swabs were handed over to the Lisbon lab on 24th or 25th May.

Page 1818 affirms that on 12th June 2007, Inspector Joâo Carlos of the Portimão PJ signed part of the contents of the evidence bag out, stating it would be returned. There is no note that is was returned, and no explanation of why Inspector Carlos signed it out, or how he was physically able to do this.. Had the bag ever gone to Lisbon or was it simply sitting in Portimão throughout?

Page 2971 shows that a fax dated 26 Sep 2007 (actually sent on 28 Sep 2007), from Gonçalo Amaral to the head of the Lisbon lab. This asked for an urgent examination of the (human) blood retrieved near Quinta Dos Figos.

After that, it looked like the trail had run cold, until a thread on the Justice Forum in July 2007 provided further information.

In Kate’s book (chapter 4), it rained a little on Tuesday 1st May when the family went as a whole to the beach. And the next morning, it rained sufficiently to postpone the tennis lessons to the afternoon.

In searches conducted overnight on 3rd May, 4th May and 5th May, nobody mentions that it was raining.

In a video depicting Gerry, Kate and 3 others being picked up on the morning of 4th May to go to Portimão to give statements, the weather was dry and moderately sunny.

In general in Luz, it rains more on the areas that are more elevated, such as Quinta Dos Figos, than it does in the lower regions, such as the main beach. The general vagaries of weather means a shower on the beach does not guarantee that Quinta Dos Figos gets wet.

However, sufficient rain to postpone the tennis lessons from the morning of Wednesday 2nd May to the afternoon, combined with closeness of Quinta Dos Figos to the tennis courts, suggests strongly that Quinta Dos Figos got a fair amount of rain that morning.

If so, the quantity of blood on top of the wall is sufficient to show it was deposited after the rain that day, so it was recent.

Curiously, the Crimewatch of late 2013 does not mention the blood, or request that someone steps forward to resolve the finding. Kate’s book does not mention this blood. Gonçalo Amaral in “A Verdade Da Mentira” ignores this blood.

On to the graphic, the McCanns 5A apartment is the red circle.  The blood stains were found on a main street in Luz near Quinta Dos Figos – that’s the pink circle.

The yellow circles show the shortest route.  They head up north on Rua Primeiro De Maio, a major road in Luz, and go past a large, busy hotel.  (The white circle with the H in it.)  That’s people walking home from a night out and taxis from Luz and to and from Faro airport.  You should be able to see a second, quieter route that also goes through the hotel car park.

Then there is a third route, marked in green.  Opposite the McCann apartment there is a pathway between two blocks.  It happens to be the earliest point at which, due to the walls around the pathway, you can be completely obscured from the flat.  That entire route is very quiet and does not pass any commercial establishment.

Of course, if you actively selected that route, you picked it because you knew Luz, you knew the main roads, and you knew about the hotel. And the quiet route.

Here is a simpler explanation.

Person (name unknown) went out and got pissed on the night of 5th May.  Said person staggered home up the hill.  Said person stumbled on the loose cobblestones that are evident in the crime scene photos.  Said person hauled himself up, and for a few moments bled on top of the wall.  Before he headed off home.

As noted, the UK Justice Forum located the analysis of these bloodstains.  It turns out the source was male, so not Madeleine.

Quinta Dos Figos


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