Bertha, Arsenal, Man City, Chico time, bar Habana


The tail end of hurricane Bertha is bringing disruption to large parts of the UK, according to the BBC.  The photo above is NW London earlier today.

I hope things have improved because I’m looking forward to


Arsenal v Man City


in the Community Shield, live, from Wembley, in a little under 2 hours time.

But if I can’t get the game, what else is there in Luz at the moment?

Well, there’s Chico, one of several aquatic fun spots – speedboat towing banana boat or donut loaded with screaming passengers type of thing.


(Live in Luz from just a couple of minutes ago.

Or, from the same site, also a few minutes ago, if you prefer something more sociable, the bar Habana has got the sun-brollies up to provide some welcome shade while you natter.


Now lets see if I can find a stream for Arsenal v Man C.  It’s choices, choices, choices, when it’s shining in Luz!


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