Wimbledon? World Cup? Or a Treasure in Luz?

It has been another tough day in Luz.  What to follow?  What gets your attention?

The tennis at Wimbledon is all over the big screens in numerous pubs.

The World Cup 2014 featured France 0 Germany 1 in the battle of the big beasts.  Brazil v Colombia was still to come.  Must be the highlight of our day, surely?

Or not?

The day started off badly.  Our family visiting Luz thought that they were OK to stay until 5pm for the taxi to the airport for their departure.  That is, until the hotel informed them that checkout time was 10am.   With two young kids that is NOT welcome news.   How do you spend 10am (actually more like 11:30) until 5:15pm (when the departure taxi arrived) in Luz without a place to stay?


Around 11:30, Nona ferried her youngest and her family to our home.  After that, she was quickly off to pick up the ‘stranded tourists’.  Our home was now quite full.

5 adults (a 6th visited).  2 teenagers.  3 littlies.  Tons of fun!

Here is what our fun-ground looks like when it is empty.  A pool.  A lawn.  A garden. The kids toys are packed away neatly in a chest.

Highlight of the day was family.  And the sun was shining in Luz.




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