Howard Out! Murray Out! Malinka Out!

The buzz today is about the record number of saves made by Tim Howard for the USA last night, though not enough to keep them in World Cup 2014.

And defending champion Andy Murray lost in straight sets in the quarter-final at Wimbledon.

So now we turn to the strange case of Madeleine McCann, and in particular, Sergey Malinka.  His lawyer has confirmed that he has been questioned in Faro, and according to the media, he is one of four men declared arguidos, or persons of interest.

If they actually were made arguidos, for each of the four men the question is why do this?  Arguido means a person is given more rights than a mere witness, declares that the police think that potentially there may be evidence that could be damaging to the arguido, and crucially, it requires that the police reveal that ‘evidence’ to that arguido.

What could this evidence be?  Some parts of the Portuguese media are flapping in the breeze trying to come up with credible reasons.

One newspaper opined that the 4 men all lived in Luz at the time, and were in contact with each other on 3rd May 2007 before and after Madeleine disappeared, when they had nothing else in common.  How the newspaper concludes ‘they had nothing else in common’ if they all lived in Luz is not explained.  If someone in Luz calling someone else in Luz is arguido level, then the number of arguidos should probably be 2 to 3 thousand (around the full-time resident population of Luz).

Another newspaper opined that in addition to this, the British police have found that in Malinka’s home, there was DNA material or hairs that closely matches Madeleine McCann.  Now that sounds much more like arguido status … EXCEPT …

The 3 arguidos other than Sergey Malinka are alleged to have been burglars – not Sergey himself.  So the link to Sergey is … what?  The phone calls?  The DNA in his home?

What is the scenario?  Three burglars manage to burgle the McCann apartment.  Madeleine interrupts them.  Rather than simply fleeing, they kill Madeleine in the flat, and take the body to stop forensics being discovered.  And they kill her in such a way that viable forensic proof cannot be found, but only the sniffer dogs know better.  This would never make a movie.  After all that the burglars take the body to Sergey and … what?  What dumb plot gets Sergey involved so enough DNA or hairs can be found in his home?

Sergey Malinka got linked to Madeleine in 2007 because it was found that Robert Murat, (then an arguido but later cleared), had phoned Malinka on the same night after the disappearance.  This is a tenuous connection – someone in Luz phoned someone in Luz after the incident.  I’d bet lots of people in Luz called lots of other people in Luz that night, just like every other night!

So is Malinka being questioned on evidence of DNA or hairs?  I can only guess, but I’m guessing no, and here’s why.

At the time of the incident, Sergey Malinka was living in an apartment block in Rua 25 de Abril.  The sighting of a man carrying a child, around 10pm on 3rd May, as evidenced by the Smith family, occurred on the junction of Rua da Escola Primeiria and Rua 25 de Abril.

A man.  Carrying a child.  Near Malinka’s home.  Around the right time.  Surely this must be the solution?  OF COURSE IT’S NOT, and the evidence why not is crystal clear.

Sergey Malinka’s statement to the police, made in 2007, is in the public domain.  He went off that that day as usual and tried to earn a $.  Skipped lunch as per usual.  Got back to his apartment around 6PM, and after that had a dinner with his parents.  His parents.  As in, the people who owned the family flat.  So was he engaged in bringing dead bodies back to his family’s flat?  What do you think?

What has Sergey been up to since 2007?  He has a LinkedIn entry and several hits on the web, which add up to the following.

He was working at an IT firm on the N125 (the local highway), but then split company and went his own way.  Legal records then show a sole venture in IT repairs and configuration, based in Lagos.  The web page for this died a while ago, but the business got a positive review in 2011.  Curiously, there is also a business entry for a restaurant venture attached to him, now liquidated.

These ventures show that Sergey Malinka is living in Meia Praia, a district of Lagos, trying to scratch a living.  This location is about 12 minutes from Luz by car, not exactly how you escape permanently from a crime committed here.

One media source has said that – the arguidos are no longer under questioning – and – nothing of significance has been found.  If so, that would be another nothing after the last nothing.

Of course, the media had to report at least some of this from their standard location just outside the McCann apartment in Luz, despite the fact that all of the ‘action’ was happening in Faro.

So here´s the detectives arriving for questioning at the JP station nearby to the cathedral in Faro.

20140630 SY in Faro

And here’s how Luz looked at 6:09am on 3rd July 2014.  The shot is taken from the webcam at the Bar Habana, looking out towards the front and the Paraíso restaurant, with the beach and its sun umbrellas in the background.


Another day in Luz is dawning and the town is coming alive again.  There’s early morning jogging to be done while it is still cool (16C, 61F), dogs to be walked, a quiet stroll to be enjoyed, the beach to be cleaned before the holidaymakers arrive, and of course the Habana has to get those tables out and the sunshades up before it can serve breakfast.

In Luz, it is business as usual.



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