Kilmarnock comes to Luz?

France 2 Nigeria 0.  France through to the quarter-finals of World Cup 2014.  Nigeria out for the 3rd time running that they have made this stage.

But hello, what does it take to make it to the Round Of 16?  Well, you play for Stoke (Odemwingie, apologies to Stoke), but that’s not good enough to get into Europe, let alone the World Cup.

Or you play for Celtic. Efe Ambrose.  Now that is good enough to get you into Europe.

Then there is Kilmarnock.  A team in Scotland that this year managed to avoid relegation from the ‘top flight’ by beating Hibs in a sudden-death play-off.

What has Kilmarnock got to do with the Round Of 16?  Reuben Gabriel!

Nigerian international who came on as a sub in France v Nigeria earlier today.  Played for Kilmarnock.  OK, he only got 3 starts for Kilmarnock, and he packed Kilmarnock in to make sure he had a chance in the World Cup.

Reuben Gabriel, Luz salutes you.  Not good enough to make it into the Kilmarnock starting line-up, but you have represented your country at a World Cup.  You have featured on the large TV screens live across Luz.

You may be out, but you have participated, and so you have entertained.

P.S. To Reuben.  Was Killie chilly?

I don’t know because I was enjoying the shining in Luz.Image



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