Did Suárez fancy an Italian for dinner?

World Cup 2014.  Costa Rica 0 England 0, so ‘giants’ England go home bottom of the group with 1 point, while ‘minnows’ Costa Rica top the group with 7 points.

But that is hardly the news in Luz.  In the other game in the group, Italy managed to go down to 10 men … then what … then Uruguay scored a goal that puts them through and Italy out.

So why was Player Of The Year Luis Suarez, playing for Uruguay, so miserable at the end?

It seems he fancied dining on Italian during the game, seemingly inflicting a bite on Italian defender Giorgio Chielinni, before Uruguay went ahead.  Unseen by the officials, and thus unpunished, such unpunished actions are normally subject to revue.  Suarez entered the last season serving a 10 match ban for biting Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Chelsea (who like Chielinni was wearing blue, so perhaps that is the trigger).

Forward to the end of the match, when Suarez appeared disconsolate, despite Uruguay going through.  Does he think his World Cup is over?

What is bad news for England and Italy may be good news for Luz.  The ITV pundits pointed out that both teams are now free to enjoy a summer break in the Algarve, and trust me, both teams would be welcome here.  As long as they don’t object to us watching the rest of the World Cup.

So what is the Buzz in Luz right now?  The weather is warm, but somewhat overcast.  The World Cup is still on with giant screens in taverns aplenty, Wimbledon is on, F1 is on.  Down on the front by the Fortaleza, the party is live.

Luz offers Chinese food, Portuguese food in abundance, English food in plenty if you prefer.  Also Indian food and South African food.  And 3 lots of Italian food if Louis would like to pop in for a bite.

Now here is where it get’s crunchy, so please pay attention.  Friday 27 June has NO World Cup football.  So, in order to keep the folks of Luz entertained, Windies (West Indian food – forgot about them) and Baroca have live music nights.  After all, you can’t have an evening in Luz without a party, can you?

So, Rio’s@No 2 will be slugging it out with live music on a different night.  Saturday? Sunday? Choices – some dead rubber’s in the World Cup?  Or live music at Rio’s@No 2 as the buzz continues in Luz?



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