Decision Time in Luz

Yesterday (Mon 16 Jun 2014).

In Lisbon, Gonçalo Amaral sacked his lawyer at the last moment, leading to a delay in the proceedings in the Madeleine McCann trial.  The judge gave him 10 days to find another lawyer, and the final hearings are now scheduled for 8th July and 10th July.  On 8th July the McCann’s side of the case is to be heard, and this is the part where the McCann’s, who have chosen not to testify, wish to appear in person to give their input to the story.  On 10th July, a rounding-up of Gonçalo Amaral’s side of the tale is scheduled.  So Amaral’s new lawyer will have to get up to speed with a complex case to avoid further delays.

While the McCann’s gave an impromptu press conference complaining of the extension, with up to the 26th May to appoint a new lawyer, the chances of final hearings less than 2 weeks later seem slim.

Changing topics completely to address the World Cup, yesterday the good citizens of Luz and the tourists were packing the taverns watching the action.  Germany had crushed Portugal 4-0.  Now the focus was Ghana v the USA, where the tie was delicately balanced at 1-1, with 5 minutes to go.

And then ….  And then ….

“Due to a FIFA restriction we are unable to offer this content in the region in which you live.”  WHAT?

The TVs were silenced throughout  Luz.  With one exception.  For some reason, the broadcast still worked in Rio’s @ No.2.  Why?  Rio’s was on the same stream that got blocked everywhere else in Luz.  And curiouser still, that stream remains blocked throughout Luz, except for … Rio’s @ No.2, where it is still working.

Why?  Do they somehow think that the World Cup from Rio should be seen in Rio’s @ No.2?  Whatever, if you want to be sure to see the matches in Luz, the safe bet is Rio’s @ No.2.

That brings us to tonight’s big match – Brazil v Mexico – due to kick-off in seconds.  Mouth watering football, and yes, I can find a stream the FIFA has not pulled the plug on.  But, but, but …  It’s going head-to-head with a BBC2 Horizon special on flight MH370, the disappeared 777.  Is it crunchy decision time?

Yes and no.  Watch Brazil v Mexico on a PC stream.  Watch BBC2 Horizon on MH370 on my HUDL at the same time.  Is it do-able?  I’m off to find out. 



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