The buzz in Luz

After 4 matches overnight, with England pipped by Italy, World Cup 2014 brings another 3 games this evening, so football fans in Luz will already be thinking about which giant TV screens they will be using tonight.

On the Madeleine McCann front, the McCann’s are reported to be flying to Lisbon, for a trial v Gonçalo Amaral that is nearing its end.  They are to give personal input re the impact of Amaral’s book ‘A Verdade Da Mentira’ (The Truth Of The Lie) on them and the search for Madeleine.

Meanwhile in Luz, it is 37 C in the shade and the sky is cloudless, but at least a cooling breeze is on hand today to make it feel more pleasant.  37C (99 F) is too much for me, so I’ll be indoors until it cools down a bit but I’m sure there are mad dogs and Englishmen out in the mid-day sun.

It is always entertainment time in Luz.


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