A Normal Day In Luz

It is an hour after dawn on a normal day in Luz.

The sky is cloudless.  The sun is already warm.  There is no breeze, as yet.

So it is an extremely pleasant start for the early-morning strollers, joggers, dog-walkers and beach cleaners.

Soon, the breakfast cafés will be open if residents and visitors prefer to eat in the morning sun.

Others are still recovering from last night’s carousing.

Brazil 3 Croatia 1.  Was that really a penalty?  Should Neymar have been sent off for elbowing Modric?  And a guaranteed trivia quiz question.  In which World Cup was vanishing spray used for the first time?

World Cup 2014 is up and running, with a punishing schedule of 3 matches to be played today, all of course on giant screens in pubs and hotels across Luz.  Mexico v Cameroon @ 5.  The late night match of Chile v Australia @ 11  (and yes, most if not all venues will be open for it).  How about a re-run of the World Cup 2010 final, with Spain v Netherlands @ 8?

It is a standard recipe for Luz, combining sun, sea, sand, food, drink, daytime entertainment and nightlife.

The sun is Shining In Luz.


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