In a final(?) burst of police activity, ground that is roughly 200m outside of Luz was searched yesterday, though the search appears to be over.

In a statement released by the Met “This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of inquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally. This is the same as would be done in the UK for a murder or high-risk missing person inquiry.”  Detectives identified 41 ground anomalies after surveying the site by air and land, police said, but further investigations failed to turn up any relevant evidence.

Local handyman Candido Furtado told Sky News the ground had already been searched when Madeleine disappeared.  “I can’t understand why they are searching here, On this land they will only find bones from buried horses.  And a donkey”.

Madeleine McCann missing

A nearby piece of graffiti reads “POLICIA INGESA ESTUPIDOS”, very poor-quality Portuguese indeed.  Policia = the police force.  Ingesa should be inglesa (matching policia in number and gender) then estupida (matching policia in number and gender).  Stupid English police looks like the work of an expat who has quarter-learned the language.

The gist of the message may be more relevant.  On foot, a 15-minute radius centred on the McCann’s apartment covers far beyond the limits of the pieces of ground searched to date, with anomalies in abundance.  The locality is fertile farming land outside of prime building land.

And why stop at 15 minutes?  And why restrict it to being on foot?  It is a mere 20 minutes by car to Portimão.  Surely Portimão should be dug up as it has anomalies in the thousands.

It is difficult to identify any intelligence behind an operation that is costing the UK taxpayer millions of pounds.  The word that springs to mind is attrition.  Rather than having leads that appear to be more credible, more probable than most, and following those up, it looks to be a case of working through everything, whether it has been done already, in the hope that sufficient effort will yield results by brute force.

Here’s a thought.  In the first dig, the one that started on Monday 2nd June 2014, the police searched drains.  Tents that were erected very early on went over roads on the site – over drains.  No aerial survey whatsoever detects an ‘anomaly’ in a man-hole cover.  Why the interest in the drains?

The sites searched yesterday are around 13 minutes walking distance from the McCann’s apartment.  Why is the radius so short?

It looks like the latest amusement has departed Luz, so what will keep us entertained now?

Well, that would be the World Cup 2014, kicking off with Brazil v Croatia this evening at 7pm.  Followed by a gruelling evening tomorrow with 3 matches, where the cherry looks to be when holders Spain face the Netherlands in a re-run of the 2010 final.

There is never a dull day in Luz.  It is always Shining In Luz!


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