The circus in Luz

Just as suddenly as the Madeleine McCann media circus descended on Luz, it pulled up stakes and was gone.

The ‘dig’ in Luz ended yesterday and late in the evening the GNR, the local police on the street, took down the cordons around the area and ‘voila’!  What was left behind?

Very little.  A GNR officer’s plastic bottle of water under a shady tree.  A few remnants of the white and yellow ‘keep off’ tape.  Patches that had been strimmed for inspection.  Patches that had been dug up and re-filled.  Plus, there were still more aircraft over the site than normal.

Other than that, it was a vanishing act.  No Brit police on site.  No media on site.  No GNR guarding the site.  No GNR patrolling the McCann’s apartment.  All gone, vanished in the blink of an eye.

Did Luz cease to exist?  Of course not.  The weather was decent and the holidaymakers were out in force.  It is a Portuguese national holiday tomorrow, so the good folk of Portugal have been making it a long weekend off from Saturday to Tuesday by taking Monday, a work day, as one of their holiday allowance.

And outside the local Portuguese supermarket on the “Street of the Beach” one Brit on the ground conversed in loud voice to his mate, on the balcony of the house opposite, in loud voice.

“It starts on Thursday doesn’t it?  Brazil v ….. Croatia?”

“Yeh …. it’s a late kick-off, isn’t it?” 

The KO is 9PM local time, so not a late kick-off.

“Where can we watch it?” The answer is every pub and hotel in Luz, every one of which will have on their HD large screen.

But if the completion is centred in Rio, how about watching it at Rio’s @ No.2? HD large screen. Food until 12 midnight. Oh and the cheapest beer in the whole of Luz!

The circus has arrived in Luz. You know this for sure when the score is Flaminense 3 Italy 5. The world cup 2014 is upon us.

It is PARTY TIME in Luz.


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