Dogs? Or horses?

The British police did a fingertip search of the suspect area while the GNR (the Portuguese police) made sure that onlookers and the media were kept away for the hive of activity.

The media reports 3 crime scene tents deployed.  On the ground, I can only see two, though other areas have been marked off for special investigation by the British police.  You can tell the difference by the colour of the tape they use.  Portuguese = yellow and white.  British = red and white.

The British dogs are out.  It appears like a couple of specialist Spaniels are (what?) frolicking over the plot. (what?).

The Portuguese are adamant they have all the resources the British can deploy.  Except the Spaniels.  So what trump card can the Portuguese deploy that the Brits can’t?


I haven’t seen it in the media, but I have seen it in person.  Two guys on two horses up and down the suspect area.

Dogs v Horses.  Does it get any better?  Of course it does.

Lunchtime in Vale Verde.  Out piles 3 tables x 8 police officers plus 1 table x 6.  Including Andy Redwood. Total 30 for lunch.   (Cheap for the British taxpayer if they had the simple buffet, crunchier if they went for the full hit.)  The sniffer dog got a bowl of water then locked back up in the van.

Where did the Portuguese have lunch?  Sorry, no idea.  The Portuguese horses.  Are you joking?  How am I supposed to know?

Dogs v Horses?  Great stuff.  But check out the tents!

We had a lot of fun today when an auto-giro flew over the dig plot.  One person flying, one person taking photos.  That’s a don’t think so.

Then there was a light plane.  Two-person-jobby.  One flies.  One takes pics.

Here’s where the Brits are “digging”.Image


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