Are the McCann’s on Andy’s list of suspects?

The ground search started on 2nd June 2014 and it wasn’t in any of the 3 areas touted by the media.

Instead, it was west of the McCann apartment, roughly 2 minutes away at walking pace.  This is very odd indeed as it doesn’t match any likely scenario.

Someone kidnapping Madeleine, using a car, could be over 10 miles away in the first 15 minutes.

Someone kidnapping Madeleine, on foot, could be a mile away in the first 15 minutes.  On foot, the area of deserted land within an hour’s walk is phenomenal.

So why try at 2 minutes away?

Could Madeleine have opened the curtains, opened the shutter, opened the windows, wandered off to the west, died and then buried herself?

Please note, the BBC has turned up one “expert” who says that this ground was not searched at the time.  Testimony in the files suggests that the structured Ocean Club search did cover this territory on the night Madeleine disappeared, and that the GNR was on the territory a short time afterwards.  And another person insists that the ground was searched by the locals in a period of 3 to 4 days after the incident.

Plus the plot is prime dog-walking territory, and it happens to be where lots of people like to go to get one of the best views over Luz.

So, Madeleine did it herself is out.  The score for that one is zero out of 10.

So what about a kidnapper?  The radius makes no sense.  A kidnapper could walk the body way beyond this plot in minutes.  A kidnapper with a car is a worse fit.

Plus the plot is not soft soil.  It is baked-hard, near concrete.  It takes one heck of an effort to dig.

If a kidnapper is ruled out, that leaves the McCann’s.

Madeleine was last seen by a third party (David Payne) around 6:45 on the evening of the 3rd. Another witness puts the McCann’s in the Tapas restaurant at 8:30.  That would give an hour and three quarters to bury a body in the plot.  Pruned by time of death.  And there’s that rock-hard soil to dig up.  On a busy road with busy restaurants and all before dark.  Does that sound likely?

Of course, there is the check to the apartment made by Gerry around 9.05 pm.  That took a lot longer than expected, and the light was beginning to fade, though it was still daylight rather than dark.  A quick round-trip to the search scene was definitely do-able.

Are the McCann’s on Andy’s list of suspects?

Problems – the ground at the search scene is still rock hard, so digging a grave would take time, require a digging tool, and create one hell of a din beside this busy thoroughfare.

And there is still the problem of those pesky dog-walkers and those pesky folks sight-seeing from the top of the hill.

Whatever Andy thinks, on a scale of 0 to 10, this sight scores a zero as a grave sight for Madeleine McCann.

The BBC put out a graphic to accompany its (multiple) reports on this search.  The graphic is stuffed with errors.

Most importantly, the search area is NOT circular.  And it does NOT encompass the up-to-date home complete with visible perimeter and obvious swimming pool.

An amended graphic is attached.Image

The search area is close to triangular, about the double the area shown by the BBC, and of course, does not include a home.

It is the area inside the red dots.  All of it rock-hard sun-baked earth, or tarmac, with one exception.

There is an “allotment” on the plot.  Tilled soil.  The gardener swaps water from the Amici restaurant nearby (water to keep the crops alive) for a portion of the  vegetables grown there.  I have eaten potatoes that were grown in this allotment, and served up by the Amici restaurant.  The food, an Italian fish dish, was excellent.

That’s one site down, but the circus continues, as there are supposed to be two more sites to go.

Shame about Godfrey Barrington Norton and Kirsty Louise Maryan.


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